Update explanation Excuse: I fully admit to being an artist writer person SHO! of the manic/depressive sort. Consequently, this web comic will probably not be updated very regularly. However, I can almost guarantee probably about thirty twenty or more pages per month. So, if you're the type that prefers your chosen "webisodes" on a daily basis then I urge beg you not to count me out just yet. Just let me get a little ahead of you and you can save them up and comfortably read one page a day to your liking.



August 28, 2010 Finished basic HTML. I will probably try to change this to CSS later (like when I learn how, LOL), but for now I just needed SOMETHING up and running, a structure and a place holder for this web comic. Oh and the first cover is live.
September 3, 2010 Fixed pages 1 and 2 so they are finally to my liking and added my character sketch sheet for Carmelita.
September 4, 2010 The HTML from yesterday is finally working and fixed the name goof on Carmelita's drawing. DUH!! And will change the title of chapter 1 yet again! It's up now! It has to stay!
September 5-30, 2010 Have done almost nothing with the comic or the web site. Really disappointed in myself on this one. Oh well, back to drawing this story I've had all to myself for two or three years now. Cheers!
October 8, 2010 Wow, really far behind here. Okay. I need to get into a routine or something. I was close to it last month then someone's asswipe kids egged my house and I let it screw with my head, but now I am in manic mode and pushing ahead. I feel stupid for not getting in my thirty twenty pages for September, so I feel like I need to get in double for October. I'm hoping to have a sembleance of a story forming by my birthday next week.

So anyway, today I am adding a special page, a page 3. This was my first full experiment into tryng to do the whole page almost digitally (mostly because after I scanned it I promplyt lost the original sketch, dammmit!).

So guess what? Doing a full page almost completely digitally is a huge pain in the ass! I'm just not good enough with my tablet yet. Although the page came out looking about how I imagined it (which is always a rare good treat with me) it took a long ass time. So wth the other pages I've drawn I am definitey going back to my old method of: draw, ink, color a bit by hand, then digitally add color to background and generally enhance.

Finally, since I am being talkative (typative?) today it might be a good idea to mention that I am not a very good artist. Heh, I enjoy it, I'm just nowehre near pro and pretty crappy at drawing/inking/coloring. MY hope here, however, is that I am an interesting enough story teller to make it work with crappy illustrations. Some of my favorite web comics are done almost exclusively with stick figures but because the writer is freaking brilliant it all works. I want to be one of those.

October 28, 2010 I'm sure one day I'll get the hang of this and be more reliable and... errr... updatable and on THAT day I will look back at these stormy beginning times and just laugh and laugh! Until then I will just have to bite it with these few and far between updates. Heh. So anyway, changed a little coding which is nothing for anyone to worry about and added pages 4 and 5 which means I've finally decided a name for the stupid school (which will be out of the story soon enough and its name will almost assuredly never come up, so why spend so much time flip-flopping on it? Meh!). Well, enjoy page 4 and 5, 6 and 7 are not far behind and these four pages will hopefully pegged down the kind of kid Larry is.

Also, I'm hoping that my crappy artistic skills are beginnng to look stylized, like I'm doing it on purpose like two of my favorite toons "Dr. Katz" & "Home Movies".

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